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The taste of a timeless tradition


The simplicity of tradition

The focacceria in Pulsano Tout Le Monde offers to the customers sweet and savory specialties from the Apulian tradition.
The typical focaccia is with no doubt, the flagship of our activity, the specialty that perhaps best represents the tasty simplicity of our land. Despite the time goes by, it has always preserved its strong identity: a product of family everyday life, simple and genuine.
Our products are made and packaged by hand in compliance with traditions. Today, the processing has been improved thanks to the use of modern machineries and continuous training. The ingredients of the focaccia, however, remained simple and genuine as only the really good things can be: water, salt, flour, art and passion.

Focacceria Pulsano


We of Tout Le Monde bakeries offer baked goods as a sign of tradition. We do all our work according to the dictates of the Puglia furnace expertise, carefully respecting the leavening times.
Dolci Tout Le Monde


We specialize in the preparation of dried and fresh desserts, mignon, pies and breakfast products. All our work is done in accordance with the best traditional pastry tradition.
Pasta fresca Pulsano


We produce regional regional pastas plus some specialties belonging to other Italian and foreign culinary traditions: orecchiette, cuttings, capustines, steamed, stuffed pasta, stuffed agnolots and stuffed salty crêpes.

The thousand flavors of goodness

At our point of sale, you will experience only one embarrassment, the spoiled for choice. The wide assortment of gastronomic specialties produced in our laboratory will tempt your gluttony. From salty to sweet, we have it for all tastes: focaccia, panzerotti, stuffed bocconcini, fresh pasta, bread and sandwiches, but also pies, mignon, meringues and croissants. Everything is always prepared and proposed every day with the same passion with selected ingredients of absolute quality. You can enjoy our daily commitment at our two shops opened depending on the season. During the colder months we are in Pulsano in Via E. De Amicis, 1 (angolo via Dante Alighieri). In the summer, however, we will be at your disposal all day long and h24 along the coastal road in viale dei Micenei, 107. If you wish, at any time of the year, you can order one of our buffet to celebrate at the best every special occasion. In the Christmas and Easter periods we also produce panettoni and colombe.

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