We are online with our blog devoted to our regulars and to all those who will get in touch with us.

The opening of a blog totally dedicated to our business represents an additional opportunity for us to be more closed to our customers, a direct way to share useful information and opinions.

To taste all year round a salty delicacy worthy of the best typical Puglia food and wine tradition, you have to taste our typical Pulsano focaccia.

The focaccia is our specialty in addition to be typical products of Puglia. It is prepared according to tradition: water, semolina and salt flour. After waiting for the natural yeast time, typically three hours, the dough is put in oil-filled baking tray, cut into pieces and seasoned with fresh products, cherry tomatoes, onion potatoes, zucchini, salami and barese mozzarella. The most popular focaccia is that stuffed with onion stew.

Unlike other specialties in other areas of Puglia, in this type of focaccia we also use the black olives seasoned with the wine that while cooking stain the interior, as well as capers in salt and a couple of cherry tomatoes. On our website www.toutlemondefocacceria.it, you will find useful information about our activity, images of our location and useful addresses to reach us via email, phone or in-house. Enjoy your reading.