Tout Le Monde

Biscottificio Pulsano

Seasonal production
Our activity at the service of taste and genuineness have no stops.
We want to accompany your delight at any time of the year. The culinary creations of the biscottificio in Pulsano Tout Le Monde, with the selected ingredients and the absolute quality that always distinguish them, will tell at every morsel our unchanged passion for the art of good food.
You can enjoy our daily commitment at our two locations.

Biscottificio Pulsano

Summer office


We are in Viale dei Micenei, 107 along the coastal Salentina, Marian di Pulciano Località Canne. This location is particularly loved by pizza lovers.
We have an outdoor space with comfortable tables where customers can eat. In addition to the pizza, you will find a pastry shop and a large assortment of breakfast: croissants and brioche of our production of cream, nutella, pistachio, jam, white chocolate filled at the moment. The croissants can be either a traditional dough or cereal. Even in our summer location we make cakes for birthdays and small buffets. Every day we offer fresh bread and packaged products, directly from our bakery, such as frise and taralli. We also offer a showcase of semifreddi packaged not from our production.
Opened every day


Winter shop


The winter shop is in Via De Amicis, 1 (corner Via Dante).
Here you can enjoy all the products of the focacceria, although the protagonist is the dessert.
Here, in fact, we focus on the pastry shop, offering all kinds of sweets: panettoni, colombe, craft chiacchiere, fresh and dry pastries and almond pastries.
We make custom cakes for birthdays and small buffets.
Here you will always find our fresh bread.
Closed on Monday